Hebrew School Director

Shir Shalom Vermont is in search of a new Hebrew School Director

Part-time position 20+ hrs per week, salary 20K+, professional development available. Prefer June 1st start.

The Position:  Shir Shalom Vermont is a small synagogue located in Woodstock Vermont serving the Upper Valley. We place a great deal of emphasis on building community among our members and removing any barriers to prayer or education.  We also believe that educating our children in Jewish culture and worship is perhaps our most important objective.   

The School Director has full responsibility for the successful organization, development and operation of a multigenerational education program for children and their parents and for making the school an integral part of congregational life.  The Director supervises four teachers, completes an innovative curriculum reform and promotes parent involvement.  The Director reports to the Vice President for Education of the Synagogue and works closely with the Education Committee and the Rabbi.

Our Hebrew School serves 20 to 40 students, depending on the year, ranging in age from 2 to 13 years.  We have a “post-graduate” program for teenagers (madrichim) who assist in educating the younger children.  The Hebrew School meets on Sunday mornings from 10 to noon.  The teenagers meet for one hour, one evening each week. A b’nai mitzvah program, that serves from one to six students, meets monthly (but during Covid has shifted to shorter meetings on two Saturday afternoons a month). Pre-school meets for one hour on two Sundays per month. The program operates from September to June each year.

Shir Shalom has a deep and important volunteer culture, cultivating parental involvement in the school is a crucial aspect of the work of the director.  The school is also a conduit for important adult education, particularly with our interfaith families.

Personal Characteristics: The Director should be creative, energetic, innovative, and committed to Jewish life and Jewish education. They should demonstrate an excitement for learning, for new ideas and programs and have the personality and ability to turn those ideas into special curricula and programs. They should also have strong interpersonal skills in order to foster a collegial relationship between the education program and the other activities in the synagogue.

During this pandemic period everything is done remotely.  Once we are able to meet in person, we expect to continue some of the program remotely.  We hope to build a strong outdoor program as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Curriculum: Has full responsibility for implementing and further developing the curriculum from pre-K through grade 6 and beyond, together with the selection of suitable educational materials and text in collaboration with and with approval from the Education Committee.  Works with Rabbi to develop and implement curriculum for post b’nai/madrichim. 
  • Personnel: Recruits applicants to fill staff vacancies, including teachers and madrichim. Selects, supervises, and evaluates staff members. Arranges for substitute help as needed. Conducts regular staff meetings. Plans and implements orientation, training, and in-service programs with both teaching staff and madrichim. Meets with individual staff members to evaluate student progress and to solve problems as needed. Evaluates teacher performance annually.
  • Enrollment: Enrolls students annually. Interviews parents of prospective children, identifies and accommodates to special needs and familiarizes parents and adult constituents with school policies and programs. Plans for the orientation of newly enrolled students. Confers with parents about student performance as appropriate. 
  • Fiscal Responsibilities: In conjunction with the Education Committee, prepares the annual School budget for review by the Finance Committee and shall be responsible for operating within the parameters of that budget. Responsible for securing the required completed payroll forms from all paid personnel, maintaining time records and preparing monthly payroll submission for teachers and madrichim to Board Treasurer.  
  • Communication: Is the main point of contact for congregants seeking information about the school program. Proactively shares information with participants and the community at large with regard to programs, schedule and needs. Coordinates publicity and articles for the e-news and Journal regarding the school calendar and activities for circulation to the congregation. With Education Committee prepares advertisements and brochures for beginning of school.
  • Social Justice: In conjunction with the Social Justice Committee, coordinates activities and learnings related to the Social Justice days as part of experiential learning.
  • Holocaust Studies: In conjunction with the Holocaust Committee, coordinates activities and learnings related to the Holocaust as part of experiential learning.
  • Holidays and Special Events: Assist in planning festivals and events for High Holidays, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu Bishvat Purim, Passover, Shavuot, Yom Hashoah, Israeli Independence Day
  • B’nai Mitzvah: Working with coordinator, organizes program for students studying to become bar or bat mitzvah.

Additional Responsibilities: Establishes annual school calendar and supervises classroom schedules. Maintains school records: attendance, student progress, and follow-up on absentees and drop-outs; manages supplies and books. Serves as ex officio member of the Education Committee. Prepares reports on the state of the school to the Board, the Executive Committee and annually to the members who attend the Annual Meeting. The School Director will also attend weekly staff meetings.

Experience and Education:

  • 3 or more years leading creative, educational programs in a religious context preferred. 
  • BA in education or other related field or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in Jewish Education preferred, personal depth of Jewish Learning also acceptable.
  • Hebrew language familiarity preferred but not required.

Shir Shalom VT Hebrew School Director Job Posting