Religious School Online, Sunday March 22nd at 10am

Living Judaism Religious School. Starting Sunday March 22nd, 10-11:30am. An Exploration of Passover.

How This Will Work

Parents of students under 7 should have available construction/unlined paper, colored pens/markers.

Older students should have their Hebrew Books available. They should also download a copy of the 4 questions recited at Passover and have them available for Sunday. These questions are available at:

The Four Questions (see the first link on this big page of all things 4 questions!)

How to Access our Online Classroom

We use ZOOM (which is available on your phone (smart or analog) or computer. Click here to join by computer/smartphone: or by phone, simply dial call: 415-762-9988 and type in the Meeting ID: 725 948 2096. 

ProTip: Please use headphones and/or mute yourself to prevent feedback and unnecessary noise. You can always unmute when you wish to participate and be heard.