Hebrew School

School Starts September 13, 2020 at 10am on Zoom

New School only Zoom URL:  https://zoom.us/j/3379315726

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Shir Shalom’s Hebrew School! Our Hebrew School aims to instill within our students a deep love of and connection to their Jewish heritage and Jewish life. Our goal is to educate students about their Jewish tradition, inspire them to pursue a life-long commitment to Jewish life and Jewish values, and encourage them to actively seek justice and righteousness in the world.

The goals of our Hebrew School are to:

  • Instill in students a love of Judaism. 
  • Form a Jewish community among the students and their families
  • Practice Jewish Values.
  • Prepare students for their Bat/Bar Matzah. 
  • Prepare students to become engaged Jewish adults.
  • Cultivate Jewish pride and identity in the face of rising anti-Semitism.
  • Honor and instill the lessons learned when “hate flourishes unchecked.”
  • Embrace diversity within families.

We engage students of all ages, starting with babies of several months old to High School students participating in our Hebrew High program. Shir Shalom prepares our young people for Bat/Bar Mitzvah, readying them to take their place in the Jewish community.

Our Programs

Infants – Age 5

A certified early childhood teacher will engage the children in interactive activities infused with music, art, movement and love.   Parent participation is encouraged.

Grades 1-7 Program

Lessons are not didactic. They are infused with music, art, fun, conversation, projects and joy! This program consists of four components: 

      • Hebrew Literacy, Judaic Studies,
      • Intergenerational Activities
      • Preparation for Bat/Bar Mitzvah

B’Nai Program

The B’Nai Program has been designed to support families as they prepare for a Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Parent and students meet monthly. Each student is assigned a mentor to help the student write their D’var Torah and provide individual support.

Hebrew High

    • Our teens meet 3 times a month on Wednesday evenings at 7PM.  Rabbi Haigh, Heather Vonada and Roni Skerker will be facilitators of this program. Teens will discuss a wide range of topics such as:
    • What does it mean to “bear witness”?
    • How can they practice Tak um Olum ?
    • How to make ethic decisions in this complicated world?
    • Teens will also listen to speakers, watch films, cook traditional foods and have time to just socialize.

Family Sundays

Families get together to learn and play together as a community. The day is dedicated to families leaning together, playing together and having fun as a family and as a community. Activities include: making challah, participating in a Sukkot celebration, making Shabbat candles and leaning prayers and song for the many Jewish Holidays through the year. Some activities are:

    • Sukkah decorating, games, activities and prayer
    • Matza Baking
    • Chanukka Celebration
    • Baking cookies for the Woodstock/Reading Foodshelf
    • Gleaning apples for Vermont for Food Bank

Our Commitment

As Director of our School, I promise with the help of Rabbi, Phyllis Forbes our president, to provide your children with the education that they deserve. We will work tirelessly to develop programs that will enhance your child’s pride in being Jewish, prepare them for their Bat/Bar Mitzvah and help them develop into adults that will take their Jewish values seriously and make the world a better place. In other words we will do our part to make every child into “menschs”!

However, your child’s education depends on weekly participation in our school. When kids are not in class, they are missed. We know every family has so much going on but please help make this a positive learning environment for all by bringing your children to school weekly. 

Bookmark our new Hebrew School Zoom URL:  https://zoom.us/j/3379315726

If you’d like to enroll yourself or your children in the school, contact our School Director, Roni Skerker. Email school@shirshalomvt.org or call the main office at (802) 457-4840.

Shir Shalom Hebrew School Calendar 2020-21